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Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter results

Results from 378 tetrads in, six more paper ones on the way, and six computer ones promised, or 390 of 400 complete- quite a record.
I have calculated the maximum winter counts for each tetrad,and there are a few interesting results, representing minimum population numbers;- Little Egret 81; Buzzard 820; Shelduck 1109; Mute swan 535 ; Canada Geese 836; Rook 9766 ; Crow 9158 ;Raven 250
Average species per tetrad 35.4 Av max total per tetrad 710 Maximum total counted 258,571 ( note this is not the same as all the birds counted. I have yet to calculate that.

Looking ahead There are now 14 tetrads not covered for the breeding season. They are;-
ST35 L S T Y. ST45 Q. ST75 A. ST 76 AFWXY ST 77 ACEK That is S of weston, and the Bath area.
If you can help go to Choose TTV on the website, and type in the appropriate 10k square number- or contact me direct

Finbally i have breeding status lists for every 10k square if anyone who has not had one wants one.
Richard Bland


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