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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Second winter counts

Second counts are beginning to roll in- two paper ones now completed, and 13 on-line tetrads. 101 on-line to go. This is a good start, despite the very cold spell, and gales last weekend. Counts have been high as well- though during the freeze up there were some areas that were very empty- birds are forced to concentrate where food is available.
Talking of food, apart from Ivy berries, the hedges are empty of food- its no surprise we have not seen the Waxwings as there are no Rowan or Mountain ash berries left. The Redwings are now out on the fields surviving on in vertebrates- which is fine while temperartures are above freezing.
The average maximum temperature this winter since Dec 1 is still less that 6.0C- a good definition of a cold winter, and we could easily be in for another cold spell. So get the tetrad surveys in when you get a chance!
I have not yet completed the checking process, but have moved on the breeding season records. You may find me asking you to check the breeding status- this may mean that you have put down H for a species that does not actually breed in the area- or that you have failed to do so for one that does!


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