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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year end

I have had reports of a further ten tetrads over the christmas period, so there are now 29 first visits outstanding. I know that many of them have been done, and hope they will be entered soon. I suspect that there will be a few gaps, but we have done very well indeed.
Second Counts begin on thursday Jan 1- on the whole leave a month between first winter counts and second winter counts- and given that weather is often poor, it is wise to use early opportunities.
The Map of Avon showing the coverage so far does not include all the paper results - 34 tetrads are being done on paper, so that coverage is far better than it looks.
Time to think further ahead. If you saw a local rareity the record will be sent to the local recxorder who may ask for s description as part of the validation process. I hope to complete this for winter species in the next two weeks, and take the breeding species after that. I will also be asking some observers to check the breeding status they recorded.
In March Iwill send round details of the confirmed breeding records we need.
Finally if you dont have much to do in the breeding season- please think of taking on a BBS square. I will be e-mailing those who did tetrads last year but are not doing them this. There is a BBS training programme on Sat 21 March at Westbury. If you are interested contact john Tully on johntully4@aol.com
And good birding in 2009 to all my readers
Richard Bland


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