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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten days and 40 tetrads to go

Eight new tetrads completed this week, 40 to go by 31st- but I know a number of these have been done and not yet entered, and the most of the rest are promised. With a bit of luck we will get 100% first survey coverage.
Validation. This is now live and I am working on it. Atlas records that are rareities requiring a description are all being sent to the County recorder, in Avon, John Martin. If he has a query about a record this will appear on the home page of your computer with a request that you check it. It is very easy to make a slip- I have made several myself, and if that is what happened with a record just let me know. If you are sure about the record but did not send in a description to the Recorder, please do so- Some of these records go back a long way now I am afraid, and it was not clear to me that this would be the required method of checking rareities. This is important for records for 2008, which may not yet have been seen by John Martin. This also applies to records in the Somerset area of Mendip. I will be working quickly through winter records, and then move on to breeding season ones. For those I may be querying not the ID of the bird but also the breeding status. I may send e-mails direct in cases where there is uncertainty.
John's e-mail is avonbirdrecorder@googlemail.com


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