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Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Survey, four more weeks

An excellent week. Go to Recent results, click on Avon, scroll down to tetrad cover and click on W for Winter, and the Black squares are what we dit last winter, the yellow ones are the first survey this season. The map is turning yellower every day- 41 tetrads have had their first survey this month, and that leaves just 80 to go (and another 24 paper surveys). Even better there are just six tetrads that still do not have observers, thanks to several generous offers of help this past week. The ones left ( One in ST45, Cheddar gorge, two in ST 55- around Green Ore on Mendip, two in ST75 around Norton ST Phillip, and one in ST76 on the southern edge of Bath) are not instantly enticing, but that is the fun of tetrading- you never know what you are going to meet in places you have never visited. Any offers gratefully received.
The idea of target species is having some effect- certainly missing species have been recorded in several squares. Tree Creeper and Marsh Tit are worth putting in a Roving record for wherever found- they tend not to get seen in the standard two hours. And I have seen reports of rareities that I hope are being sent in as Roving Records- I cant do it for you.


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