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Monday, January 05, 2009

Second Counts start now

There are still some 22 First winter counters that I think have been done, but not yet entered; now we have to start turning the map (of Avon tetrads covered in winter) from Yellow to Black.
Three down and 111 to go. The first three counts have all been larger than the first ones for the tetrads concerned- but it is the maximum count for any species that is used.
The Validation exercise is going slowly- I have done about half so far- and have done the easy bits first- there are confusions over Pied/white Wagtail. Lesser Redpoll and Herring Gull which I will be writing to those involved about, and I have sent a list of rareities for checking to the Avon Recorder, and I will be following his recommendtions.
I am also checking and validating records as they come in now.
There are a lot of Bird Track and Roving Record results going in which are all very helpful- Keep them coming.
Rooks I have noticed are already gathering around their nests- keep a note of the sites so that when it comes to the summer you can do a proper Communal nesting count.
Good Atlassing in 2009
Richard Bland


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