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Monday, January 26, 2009

Third week

Three weeks in, and 27 tetrads have had their second count, twelve in the past week, and there are 92 to go. Paper returns are also beginning to come in as well. So its looking good, but February is a short monthg, and the weather can be bad, so use all the opportunities that come up.
Ive been beavering away at the very boring validation- and have got 90% done, but that is the easy bit. Checking the things I am bothered about will take time. One person, nameless, put Roving Records in for the wrong 10k square- and there are one or twon Breeding status queries that I have- principally birds that dont breed in the region put down as possible because they were in Habitat where they could. Also one or two July Fledglings who clearly did not breed in the 10km square in which they were recorded- BH is a case in point.
Rareities IDs and descriptions may also take some sorting as they have to be approved by the County recorder.
There will be a lot of chasing up of breeding status to confirm breeding this summer, and I am going to prepare a guide for anyone who wants one.
Good birding


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