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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breeding Status

Almost all paper records are in, and chasing up of other records has resulted in a situation where we have probably covered 390 0f 400 tetrads in the winter. The ones missed have been through illness mostly, though there are still four outstanding queries.

There are now 13 tetrads needing cover in the breeding season, and there may be three or four more to come. If you have any spare time in the summer, and I know things are tight, check the website to offer help, or just contact me direct. The tetrads concerned are; ST35 STY; ST55 Q V : ST 56D ; ST 76 FWXY : ST77 ACE:

I have send sheets showing the Breeding status of all species in each 10km square to those involved in that square- anyone who has not had one and would like one please contact me. The aim this summer is to provide lots of Roving records to raise the breeding status to Proved Breeding in every square, as well, of course as covering all the remaining tetrads, which is a big ask.

Richard Bland (richardbland@blueyonder.co.uk)


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