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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day is for the birds

At least ten tetrads have been done this pas week- and probably more that have not been entered. A total of 70 second surveys have been done, and 59 are left to do- and just two weeks to do them. Provided the weather stays kind this should not be a problem.
One or two people have put in breeding status- this should only be done in the case of early nesters, such as owls, Ravens at nest or building, GS Woodpeckers drumming ( D for display).
In March I will produce a list foe each 10k square of the species that need confirmed breeding evidence still. I hope everyone will take on the Roving Recorder role to get proved breeding evidence. Some species are very hard to prove.
There are a few tetrads that still need observers for the summer- ST35 T and Y, ST55 Q and V, ST56D STT76 X and Y and ST77 A,B,C and E. These have been done in the winter , but the observers cant spare the time in the summer. Volunteers welcome. There may well be other gaps that appear as well.


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