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Monday, February 23, 2009

Last week

Well there are on the face of it 43 tetrads still to be covered this week- 13 were done last week, but I suspect many more have been done but not yet entered. It is best to enter results promptly, as it is easy to forget what you saw even if your notebook is excellent. 85 tetards have had their second counts, which is splendid. and 327 out of 400 have been done in the two seasons. 30 are being done on paper and should reach me at the end of the month.

So, a months rest, and then into the breeding season. I will be contacting everyone to check that they can do what I think they have said they will do, and if anyone wants to help more there are ten tetrads still to be covered, and I may find more. They are ST35 T Y; ST 55 Q V; ST56 D ; ST76 X; and ST77 A,B,C,E.

Also I want everyone in the breeding season to put in Roving records of PROVED BREEDING for every species they can. I will be producing lists of species in each 10k square which have yet to be proved. Roving records can be put in for March for early breeders such as owls and Ravens and Mistle Thrush.


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