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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Half way

Almost as many tetrads have been done as have yet to be done- and three weeks to go.
Its been a bad week- cold and windy, and unsurprisingly most people have not gone out- though I hope the weekend will have been better, and I expect a lot of people will wait until the next bank holiday.
  • Birds of the week; This is a good time to prove breeding for these species. I list the 10k squares where they dont have proved breeding status.
  • Mute Swan. Not proved to breed yet in ST45, 65, 68, 75 and not even seen in 77.
  • Canada Goose. Not proved in ST 35,36,47,57,75,77.
  • Lapwing- hard to prove, but should have young now; Only proved in ST46, 66, 58, 68. Surely they still nest in 47, perhaps in 36 and 35, perhaps in 56.
  • Herring and LB Gulls are on their nests. Not proved in ST36, ST47, ST65
  • Feral Pigeon- look under any bridge and you will find young being fed. Only porved so far in ST 57, 67, 68, 76.
  • Blackbird- Not yet proved in ST37- Clevedon. Fledglings are about.
  • Young Rooks are being fed in and out of the enst- but not yet proved in ST47 or 66


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