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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad weather

What a dreadful bank holiday- and from the records it looks as if some 60 tetrads were going to be done. Please try to complete them by May 31st, but records made on Sunday June 1st would count for the first survey- better do it then than wreck this year's breeding season.

Breeding status. At present rather a small proportion of species seen have had evidence that confirms breeding. It is not easy to do this during tetrad a tetrad survey, and it would help if everyone remembered to put in Roving Records for any recent fledglings, or other good evidence- Feeding young (FF) visiting a nest site (ON) etc.- Starlings have just fledged for instance, but are started to move around rapidly. House Sparrow entering nest holes counts as ON (occupied nest). Swifts screaming around a building is D for Display.

And when you do second visit try to improve on the evidence you got from the first.


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