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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ten days to go

There are 73 tetrads that need to be covered in the next ten days, unless some observers have done the first breeding season survey but not sent the records down the line.
I just hope the weather is good.
At long last I am able to access the records from last winter, but checking them is a slow process, and I will send round a note to all as soon as I have got all the tetrad data checked. The process of checking the Roving records and material from birdtrack will probably take more time. The ovwerwhelming mass of records that I have seen so far follow a very clear and consistent pattern, but i will be checking one or two records that surprised me.
Now that birds are fledging Roving records of recently fledged birds are a key to proving breeding, and it is important to keep notes of any that you see and send them in. It is worth checking the Square Summaries list to see what the highest breeding status recorded is.


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