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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Breeding Season entries

A couple of points about entering breeding season tetrad visits. Firstly there are now FIVE pages to fill in, four with counts and the fifth for any colonial nesting species. If there are none in your tetrad you must still go to page five and confirm it as zero- if you dont no-one will know whether you have checked or not. With Gulls I am not yet entering a colonial count because they are all just hanging around- there are almost no neste yet.
When entering breeding code- and please do this for all species you are clear are breeding species, you seem to have to press the Enter button to get the entry to register. This is irritating, and may be improved. S for singing male (which is just means possible breeder, and has the same satus as H for present in suitable habitat) and D for display, which is Probable breeder, as is B for nest building, are the obvious ones to enter at present- though before the leaves come out it is easy to get ON (occupied nest) for some species. Also note that it is easy to mistake D and DD (Distraction Display) and you need to check carefully.
Incidentally 249 was our final total for fullycomplete tetrads during the winter as far as I can see- Excellent.


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