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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We have done well

Happy new year.
Congratulations to everyone who has completed their first winter survey in time. 280 tetrads have been signed up for, but 60 of them are being done on paper, especially in ST 35, ST36 and ST46, and their results dont appear on the website results. Of the 220 registered for computer returns 180 have so far put results in, which is 80%. Some of the remaining may have been done, but not yet input, some may have been registered for a future year ( I know of several) and some may have hoped to get out in time before Dec 31st, and not made it. In that case their winter survey will need to be done in 2008/09 winter, but their breeding season surveys can be done in 2008. Of course that does not prevent you from visiting them and putting in Roving Records for them.
Second winter visits can be made now, but try to leave a month between first and second. If we get the cold weather forecast there may be some interesting population changes between visits.


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