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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last two weeks for first visits

A few updates. We now have 277 of 400 tetrads covered, and at least 145 have had first visits; I say at least, because 59 are being done on paper, and I wont get the results until after the second visit. If a tetrad fails to get a first visit before Dec 31 it will be converted to the next winter season, 2008/9, as it is important that both visits are in the same winter. Of course the breeding season visits can still be done in summer 2008.
ST36, 57, 58, 67 and 68 are now fully covered, but there has been only one visit to ST77. Those who love the Cotswolds might like to take a Roving Recorder trip there during the Christmas break!

There will be a newsletter coming out for HQ in late January, which will be available on the website, but I will have paper copies to send to those who cant access the system.
More and more Blackcap records are trickling in- please send a Roving record in if you come across them or Chiffchaff or Siskin.


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