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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The first quarter

Ive just checked through, and 25% of the 251 tetrads that now have observesr for this year have had their first visit. There are six weeks to go to complete the first winter walks, so we are well on track. ST58 and ST68 with ten and nine tetrads having been walked are the current leaders. ST36 is the first 10k square to have every tetrad covered by an observer.
I am not yet able to see the results you have sent in on line, and can only judge the species count from bird track records, which come from a limited number of squares. But I have records of 120 species in the region, and ST58 leading the field with 60 species. When we did the trial fieldwork in ST 46 and ST68 we had around 70 species in each of those inland squares, and those on the coast and round the reservoirs will be higher than that.
Colder and wilder weather will probably bring more species in- certainly my garden feeder has abruptly become active.


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