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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nearly there

One week to the start, and so far 96 observers have opted to survey 183 tetrads in the Bristol region. We have 399 to cover, so we are not quite half way, and I would like to ensure that we cover half in the first year, as I want to cover all tetrads in the first two years. That will leave everyone free to help out in Somerset and Wiltshire that are looking a bit thin at present, or to take long birding holidays in Ireland and Scotland. So further offers of help- or when you have done one and see how easy it is an offer to take another, will be welcome. First tetrad surveys must be done before Dec 31st, and are best done in November, as it gets a bit hectic in December with very short days, and various celebrations.
Data entry will be possible from Nov 1, and apart from the tetrad surveys, we need to create for every 10km square as long a list of species as we can- on presence/absence basis only. All these can be input on line, and everything put in on Gardenm Birdwatch or Bird Track will be included as well.


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