Avon BTO

Friday, November 16, 2007

Atlas First Fortnight

Nationally 2.3 million birds and over 1900 tetrad visits
Locally 242 tetrads now covered, over 60% of the 399 we will cover. 43 have received their first visit, or 18%, about double the national figure.
The initial impression is that many species especially Tits and finches are thin on the ground, and this is probably the result of the poor breeding season. But also they are easier to see once the leaves are all off the trees, and the second visit in the new year may well produce higher figures. The excellent weather so far has been a very good reason for getting out.
Also if you have done a tetrad and feel that you could fit a second one in it would make reaching our target even closer. Only ST36 so far has every tetrad covered.


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