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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Three days to go

The Atlas goes live next Thursday, November 1. If you haven't yet booked yourself a tetrad to survey, do so promptly. So far 100 observers have volunteered to cover 197 tetrads, so we are within an ace of covering more than 50% of the tetrads in the region this winter, and I am sure that the figure will grow. There is as yet no ten-km square in which every tetrad has an observer, and there are particular gaps in the Portishead-Clevedon area and the whole of ST77 the Cotswolds.
Doing a tetrad is not difficult. It requires a two hour walk done twice in winter and twice in summer- but the first walk has to be done between Nov1 and Dec 31st. If you have booked one, and find you have time on your hands, pick a second one this winter- if everyone so-far involved did that we would cover the whole region.
And all casual records can be put in as well; we are aiming to maximise the species list for each ten-km square. I will use this blog through the survey to try to keep everyone in touch.


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