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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Half way for first winter walks

To summarise where we are. 264 of 400 tetrads have an observer, and at least 120 of the 264 have had their first visits. I say at least because a number of surveys are being done on paper, and I will not know thewir details until the end of the winter wehnt he forms are returned to me. If, having done one tetrad, you feel up to doing a second one, please check what is still available. The more we can cover in the first winter the better.
ST68 is leading the race with 19 of 25 tetards covered already, followed by ST57 and ST58 each with 14
Note that if a tetrad does not get its first survey by Dec 31st it will have to be surveyed next winter, as HQ does not want the two winter walks done in separate winters.
Total species lists for the 10km squares are building up well. If you want to check your own square follow Bird Atlas Home > Your Atlas Options > Square Summaries. This will show you the species you have entered and all others that others have seen. In the second half of the winter I will try to pick out the species in each 10km square that would be expected but are missing, so that we can create as full a list in the first season as possible.


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