Avon BTO

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Three weeks in

Of the 400 local tetrads 252 now have an observer responsible for them, and at least 72 (28%) have had their first walk. Those who do BBS on-line know that John always thanks you for your survey as soon as you send it, which is encouraging. Because of the Atlas system I do not get an alert when you enter tetrad results, and have rather tediously to hunt through each 10k square to find out which have been done, but I am delighted that so many have already been surveyed. There are just under six weeks left, and i would like to encourage those who have yet to carry out their first survey to do so before christmas, when in my experience life gets busy.
I have logged 128 species so far in the region, but dont yet have accurate 10km square lists. When I do I will be listing the species not yet seen which need hunting for in each 10km square.
Incidentally there are 133 observers in total so far , of whom 73 are BTO, BBS or GBW, and a number RSPB.


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