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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bad weather

The past two weeks have been pretty impossible for all of us. There is now a nice sentence on the website under Headlines and Regional headines, which states how many tetrads have been entered on line. So far 190 have had the first winter survey and 31 the second, which considering the weather is not bad. There has been guidance on the time between surveys- this should not be less that two weeks and ideally at least a month.

On the whole second winter surveys have greater numbers that the first ones- at least ones done originally in November, but it is surprising, and perhaps encouraging, how few new species an additional two hours provides.

Overall totals in tetrads vary considerably. I have received details of 37 so far that they species vary from 16 to 43 and the totals from 137 to 885, average 28 and 222.
Where I have had details of both counts the total species list per tetrad varies from 29 to 51. These figures are more or less as expected from the trial atlas work we did two winters ago.

HQ have been installing a new server to make things faster. So far it is not working well I found it impossible to download my most recent tetrad, so patience is needed.


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