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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Summer at last

April was a normal month (unlike last year) and leafing has been late. Some 50 tetrads have been recorded on line so far, so most people are opting for a May survey. Two points have come up recently; Do record a breeding status for every species you see, even if its just preence in suitable breeding habitat. If you are sure a species is NOT breeding, either because its a migrant or because it is summering, say so. Only leave the breeding status blank if the species is feeding in the square but not breeding ( Like Cormorant, or in most cases Heron).

Secondly always fill in the final page five colonial species count, even when there are NONE. I have left gulls off my April tetrad visits because though present there has been for the most part no sign of nests. Roof nests are impossible to count as part of a tetrad survey, but if you are clear that Gulls are nesting in your tetrad then put in an estimate of the numbers, either after the first visit or the second.
Counts of Rooks nests should go in the first visit.


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