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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BBS and Atlas

The question has recently been asked, how will BBS records contribute to the Atlas? The answer is that they will be used as top up information if necessary for the species record at the 10km square level. As BBS records do not include any breeding status information it would be helpful if you happen to get evidence of breeding on a BBS survey to put the details in as a Roving Record.

Most people are clearly waiting for warmer weather before doing tetrad surveys, and also hoping for a bigger species list if they wait until the migrants are in and settled. The start of the breeding season surevy both locally and nationally has thus been slower than the winter survey. It is worth stressing again that when doing a tetrad survey you should note the best breeding evidence you can for every species you see. Looking at bird behaviour rather than just counting , and making a note of it, is a habit we have rather lost!


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