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Friday, May 23, 2008

Winter totals

At last I have some provisional totals for the winter survey.
844 hours were spent in 237 tetrads (some paper forms have yet to be entered) and 227941 birds counted at a rate of 270 an hour. 176 species were recorded, the largest number, 119 in ST58. ST55 had the highest density of birds, at 491/hr, but mainly because only 8 tetrads were surveyed ( the figure for ST77 with 3 tetrads was even higher). The most frequent species were Starling (rate 38/hr) Wood Pigeon (22/hr) Black-headed Gull (21/hr), then Redwing (17/hr)
The biggest changes since the last winter Atlas (25 years ago) were increases of over 200% for GO, LT, Li, PH and R and falls of more than 50% for FP, RO, BH, L. and SD. SG came close with 48% fall.
45 Little Egrets were counted as were 128 Ravens, and 27 Peregrines, and just five Dippers.
When Ive done a write up I will make it available to anyone interested.
Meanwhile Last chance for the first breeding season survey!


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